FCS National Championship

So, long time – no blog.

I just got back from a fun little trip to a ballgame. The first time I’ve flown for a football game in a long time. Jacksonville State handily made their way through the FCS playoffs and serendipitously my work weekends matched up with all of their home games. We don’t really shoot beats anymore – but it began to feel like JSU was my beat.

I photographed them leaving town on Wednesday – taking a lap or two through the Square in Jacksonville then rolling on to Anniston Metropolitan Airport and then on to Frisco, Texas.

Miraculously I found a cheap flight to Dallas – i had to order a new bag(A ThinkTank Photo Airport Security 2 if you are keeping track at home) to carry my football setup. It was crazy heavy and packed to the gills but it got me there.

My folks drove down froM Topeka and I was able to hang out with them and my Aunt and Uncle who live in Dallas. They all hooked me up with my logistics so all I had to do was shoot and move photos. My Dad was able to shoot with me on Saturday as JSU faced North Dakota State. It was a sad day for the Gamecocks as they got blasted by the 5 time champions the North Dakota State Bizon (Bison.) It was quite an experience to be able to soot the game with my dad and hang out with the family on a work trip. Plus we got to eat at In-n-Out in Dallas.

Lots of JSU fan/friends travelled for the game and it was special to be able to share the game with them too!

So all told – it was a success. Maybe the Gamecocks will do it again with a better result.

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South Dakota Trip

C and I went to South Dakota for Elisha and Bridget’s wedding.

It was a long haul, but we got to stop in Topeka once each way ( the second time through was my birthday!)

We had an awesome time at an awesome wedding and had a fantastic trip.

tons more photos here!


So I’ve been terrible about updating the blog, but it’s mainly Flickr’s fault for deprecating the WordPress sharing program.

So in hope of making it up to you. ALPACAS!

I was helping a friend learn how to use a new camera – and they have an Alpaca ranch.

If you haven’t met an alpaca you need to. They are the cutest most snugly ungulates ever.

More photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericwright/sets/72157644037304296/

Lake Martin 50 Miler 2014

So I met one of my 2014 goals – run an Ultramarathon this year, the Lake Martin 50 miler in Alex City Alabama. I ran in it 11 hours and 20 minutes. I was surprised at it went. It was hard but not awful. Long but not super boring.

The trail conditions were pretty tough with lots of mud slowing us down. I had great footwear choice with my Brooks Cascadia 8s from Gadsden Outfitters.

I ate Gu gels every 45 minutes and I had a bunch of Gluten-Free Goodies from Maggie’s Gluten Free Bakery waiting for me at each aid station.

I had a couple of Nuun tablets through the race and made sure to take 4 or 5 Endurolytes every hour.

All In all, my obsessive planning paid off, and while my time was slower than I expected I was never in difficulty.

It hurt to walk for a week and my mouth and throat hurt from windburn. I would have sworn off any more ultras as soon as I finished, but now I want more. If only they weren’t so expensive and logistically challenging,



Booker, originally uploaded by erictwright.
Someone was hiding on the couch, curled up, thinking that I would forget about him and let him roam the house today.

Via Flickr:
Someone was hiding on the couch, curled up, thinking that I would forget about him and let him roam the house today.

Dan White show

, originally uploaded by erictwright.

C and I went to the opening of the Dan White show of jazz photos – “The Fine Art of Jazz” A former Kansas City Star photojournalist, pulitzer winner with a show of black and white portraits of Jazz musicians from KC – yeah that’s in my wheelhouse.

It was cool – way cool.